Kim Schweitzer

7:00 PM (11 hours ago)
to me
Thank-you, I just love your shop, have been waiting to see it for awhile, found it on pinterest and your clothing is my favorite!!!

m: Becky hockensmith (

I just received your items today and I am in love with every single piece !! Thank you for the headband I put it on and instantly & fell in love with it! I'm so happy that I found your site, I do not think I will shop anywhere else and that is why I just made another large order !! ✌️✌✌
From: Maureen Kerr (

I was reading your review section and I also wanted everyone else to know you have the most beautiful clothes and are a pleasure to purchase from. All my orders were sent right out and arrived quickly all the way from across the US. I was also excited when I saw your shop had reopened and yours is my favorite. I love everything you have and wished I had it all. Your Sunday sales are fabulous.

10:25 AM (2 hours ago)

to me
Hi Ann,

What a beautiful top! Please send it as soon as possible. It is being sent to my mother in Brooklyn. I live in Bermuda. She will come visit me at the end of August and can bring it with her, then.

Thank you so much,


8:04 AM (6 hours ago)

to me

Hi! I received my order today, it's beautiful! Thank you so much! I have also called PayPal to let them know it has arrived.
- Jodi

Maria C. Cabello San Agustin
3:01 PM (1 hour ago)

to me
thanks Anne, i will be checking your new items, sooo excited!