Who is she?

   She love the beach..to travel..to take long walks on the shore collecting shells and seaglass....

She can be sporty and snorkel and swim or sometimes she just likes to take nice long swims in the pool..

She loves freedom..in her beliefs and in her fashion..A bit of a rebel..Age does not matter to this girl..She will still wear an art deco headband to the grocery store and a lace kaftan

She has a smile that lights up the room as she is confident..Like the girl from Ipanema...She carries herself like a gypsy goddess and people notice her individual style..silks,velvets.crochet and lace with beads.....a sparkle but in a soft boho way...

She is a hopeless romantic//Favotite movies are Romeo and Juliet and Tristan and isolde//

She is a beachy flowy self assured bohemian beauty....she is you!!!